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From the Desk of:

Buzz B Berkeley

Dear Craps Player:

I’ve been playing Craps all my adult life! I learned to play Craps in floating games in the service during the Vietnam war. I then tried my “luck” at various Casinos in Nevada, only to discover that I couldn’t win consistently because I wasn’t “the house”.

I began a quest to figure out how to win WITH the Casinos instead of trying to beat them. After exhaustive, intensive study, I figured out the right way to win money. Finally, I realized how to get the odds in MY favor… and “Winning Craps Money”, Craps Best Strategy was born!

But then and only then did my REAL learning begin. through literally years of playing, learning, interviewing, reading, attending classes, seminars and workshops did I begin to change my play in a number of ways:

First, I became aware of the sucker bets to avoid.

Second, I learned how to maximize my odds and chances of winning a game that is designed to make the house win over the long run.

Third, I experimented with strategies; fine-tuning, adjusting, and re-working and of course testing.

And I proved that I should stop fighting the house, and join it! You see, if the house is the favorite to win, then the shooter is favored to lose! So, I then perfected “Wrong Betting” (betting WITH the house and against the shooter). That was a breakthrough revelation. I was finally on my way to Craps Best Strategy: Winning Craps Money.

More learning, more studying, more testing, and I developed my own set of strategies that resulted in amazing results!

Unlike games that reply on pure luck, I realized there are strategies to the game of Craps: choosing a casino, a table, a position around the table, and that I can remove 80% of the table’s propositions, and concentrate ONLY on those that make ME the favorite to WIN!

There are proper stop-loss tactics, correct money management systems in addition to how, where, why and when to bet my money.

And finally, Craps became beatable! I was able to CONSISTENTLY win $20 a minute playing Craps using my… “Craps Best Strategy”.

I’ve taught what I’ve learned about Craps Betting for many years in workshops and seminars that I’ve produced around the country, and now I’m willing to share the results of my hard years of research and study – Craps Best Strategy: “Winning Craps Money” with YOU! This is the best system you’ll EVER find, it’s the one I’ve used for many years. My hard work has paid off in that I was able to create an ebook that explains this perfect winning system, one that shows You how to WIN and WIN AGAIN!

Do You know why casinos make so much money? Because people who aren’t informed about casino games, go in and drop their hard-earned cash on a table, toss the dice and think it takes LUCK to win! But, this system, “Winning Craps Money”, eliminates any need for LUCK and replaces it with Knowledge, Timing and SKILL!

Craps Best Strategy: “Winning Craps Money”

My book as a result of years of teaching Craps

I’ve taught thousands how to win at Craps and now I’ve made it easy for you to learn my strategies too!

YOU can do this too… with only two things:

1) Self-Discipline.

You need an “Iron Self-Discipline” to save You from yourself: from your greed, your impatience, your failure to cut your losses, your ignorance of the rules, your lack of cash control, and your tracking of whether You are up or down.

2) Reliable Winning System.

This is the most important part of the equation. In order to make a small fortune at the casino, you need my reliable Winning System that is easily: Craps Best Strategy|Winning Craps Money!

I can’t help You develop your Self-Discipline. But I will give you the “rules” for it…

What I can teach You is INSTANT Success with the most reliable Winning System for Craps anywhere. You will make up to $20/minute even in the long run…

Does this sound like you?:

“I enjoyed following the crowd and playing all the games I wanted to play, but skipping Craps because it intimidated me.”“I heard the crowds yelling and screaming at the Craps tables, and it constantly called to me – “Try me”, “try me”… so, I’d walk over to the table (or pass by it) with the idea to jump in… I’d watch the confusing banter, the flying fists of chips, and all the betting spots on the table and just kept moving on to something much easier.”“It was way too daunting. I didn’t want to join in because I didn’t understand the game nor the many, many betting opportunities. I didn’t want to look and sound stupid! I just didn’t have a clue how to play.”

Would You Like to turn this around and Make Hundreds or Even Thousands of Dollars a Day At the Craps Table?

Just imagine walking up to a craps table knowing that your Winning Strategies will make YOU the Favorite to win your bets.

Imagine how great You would feel if You could make your bets with the confidence of knowing that You will collect winnings, sometimes substantial winnings, more often than not. We are talking about winnings of $20 a minute or more – that is $1,200 an hour with the possibility of winning even more.

This e-Book and associated videos teach tested and proven results of thousands of hours of playing craps. The methods and systems revealed, are the best You will ever come across. It will teach You skills necessary to win!!

You’ll learn:

  • how to calculate the house edge and make it work for YOU,
  • the percentages of every roll, mental strategies,
  • money management and advice on when to implement the stop-loss strategies that will keep you ahead of the other players.

Whether You’re just learning, or really know your way around a craps table, you’ll now learn how to fill the racks of chips in front of You and WIN big money every time You play craps!

But Who am I to make all these Claims, and Why the Heck Should You Even Listen to What I have to Say!?

My name is Buzz B Berkeley and I’m a Professional Craps player, which means I play craps nearly everyday as a business. I’ll show you unknown, underused strategies that You can use right away to win at craps, and I’m talking about $20 every minute You play. Believe it or not, You are in control of your winnings or losses… not the House (you’re going to ride their waves of success).

I’ll be teaching You how easy it is to control the game of craps by applying powerful strategies. These strategies have been proven time and time again from top casino players who are making thousands of dollars right now, as you read this letter. I can make these claims first-hand because I am a celebrity in the casino world, and playing craps is more than just a game for me – Craps has been my life!

But Don’t Just Listen To Me…

Since Winning Craps Money came online, I’ve gotten a lot of unsolicited testimonials from many happy (and, now, much richer) customers, who used my craps strategies successfully. The comments confirm everything I’m telling You. Here are a few REAL letters and e-mails Received From People like You who Tried my System:


“I have searched the internet and book stores for valuable information on Craps. I have purchased most, only to find that most of them repeated the same old stuff. I just couldn’t find anything fresh and accurate. Some included tables, some had odds, some had systems, but it didn’t take me long to dispel those publications at the Casinos. Finally, I got this book. At last, I found a new approach – and a believable one! Unlike all the others, this one proved to be successful – over and over and over again! I now have the secret to Winning WITH the Casino just as you said I would!” Thanks,~Stuart L

From a fan in Kentucky:

“Franklin, KY…these things work amazingly! For real, I’ve tried a bunch of other ones but they don’t work- these ones are the real deal though.” ~heergoAnore

Susan wrote:

Perfect!Amazing!Super!Thank you very much” ~Susan lcuji

This player reached his goal in a very short time:

“tried your system yesterday and, won yesterday 90$ in 7 min, and today 150$ in 10 min the email supprot is great, got an email back within 10 minutes.” ~BG

Make Money, not friends:

Good for money, bad for fun cuz everyone on the table scowls at you when you play dont come/dont pass. but if your winning screw the scowls” ~Kneck

another pleased reader:

“already bought system and received your book very pleased” ~robert mann

This reader has reached his goal every day:

“My favorite forms of gambling are definitely Craps and Sports Betting. I recently got a copy of your “Winning at Craps” ebook and have successfully used your “wrong betting” method… and have earned my $100 daily goal everyday since using your method – started earlier this week. Sincerely,” ~Chuck

and some thanks:

“buzz thanks for the start of some great crap lessons .i like to make money when playing craps also” ~Sando Falbo


“BUZZ, just a short note thanking you for your instructive newsletters. I appreciate and relish getting them…THX” ~Rene Martin…….

Are You ready:

to Win with the house and start making more money in just a few hours than you did in an entire month? If Your answer is “YES”,

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Join them instead. You can Win with the house too!

It’s time to STOP LOSING!

Without this information, you will remain a “fish” and you cannot beat the Casinos. You’ll still leave the tables broke! You’ll still revert to following the crowd and placing all the sucker bets. You’ll STILL misunderstand the game.


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Consider the fact that a measly $47 is peanuts — a fraction of the average typical payoff on a single hand!

I think you agree that this is one of the best bargains going. Many ebooks charge 3 to 5 times as much.

But here’s something more important.

What you really need to consider is what you’re getting for your money, because it’s more than just an ebook.

Not only do you get at least 100 times your money back in hardcore value with “Winning Craps Money”, but also, and let’s face it: Plain, “what-to-do” advice alone just won’t get the job done. (I mean, if it did, you’d already be a millionaire, right?) You need specific, step-by-step details that leave no questions in your mind, so you know precisely what to do immediately to crank out winnings, and profits right now.

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